Monday, December 12, 2011

dressing like a rich 80's girl on the cheap

On a recent thrifting trip with some dear friends I commented on how much I adore beige clothing. My friend replied, "Beige is a color that screams 'I have money'". Wearing a nicely tailored trench with black leggings and beige shoes is a nice canvas. Add some yellow gold accents and you have the 80's yacht club attire of choice. My preferred color scheme for the pretend wealth look is light grey, beige and white. Muted colors because you're too rich the give a shit about being loud. If I could afford a Rolex I would add that to this look, but you can't win them all being middle class.

I have taste for class and elegance with the budget of, well what I have. I do have a good eye for things on sale though, and do seem to find luxury looking items for next to nothing. Anyway if you want to look rich at the very least get a classic trench coat and a structured bag that brings to mind a Birkin without actually being a ripoff. As far as five star meals and the like, you're on your own... I eat every meal at Skyline.

really big look for royalty too